A unique and entertaining musician, Eric Kiefer specializes in a one-man-band, singer-songwriter, musical mashup theater.

Kiefer’s “wordsmithing” skills are apparent in his lyrics, which combine an old-school, 1960’s revolutionary attitude with a fresh, new-millennium relevance.

Kiefer’s discography includes his funk-folk tinged debut album, “The Spectre and the Dozer,” as well as the full-length zombie concept album, “The New Zeitgeist: Songs From The Zombie Apocalypse” and its accompanying e-book, “The New Zeitgeist: A Tale From The Zombie Apocalypse.”



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Eric Kiefer presents the college-circuit hit, “Groin Ship”, live and looped from his home studio

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The New Zeitgeist: Songs from the Zombie Apocalypse

THE NEW ZEITGEIST: SONGS FROM THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Zombies. Survival. Music. Revolution. This is The New Zeitgeist. Tune in to a post-apocalypse radio broadcast with this unique concept album that features eight original songs, including the epic-sounding finale, “Evolution” and the rock anthem “Destroy the Brain”. The music is interwoven with DJ commentary and on-air news flashes that …

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The Spectre and The Dozer

THE SPECTRE & THE DOZER Eric Kiefer’s debut album, “The Spectre and the Dozer”, presents listeners with a masterful blend of raw musical talent and troubador-poet visions. The album includes the ten track mini-concept album of the same name, a story of a reluctant revolutionary’s rise and fall in the modern age. In addition, listeners …

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Spoken Word For The Doomed

It’s spoken word for the doomed. Almost 20 years in the making – with hundreds of partial first drafts scribbled on supermarket receipts and paper bag scraps – Eric Kiefer’s debut spoken word album is culled from barroom epiphanies and madness-fueled suburban vision quests. “Spoken Word For The Doomed” includes original backing music composed by Kiefer and …

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