Eric Kiefer is the author of The Soft ExileThe New Zeitgeist: A Tale from the Zombie Apocalypse, and Spoken Word For The Doomed.

In addition to the above works, he’s written for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers on a plethora of subjects. He’s written about the California medical cannabis scene,  covered school board meetings and murder trials,  and written for the largest English-speaking newspaper in Mongolia, among other weird assignments.

He has written for the North Jersey Media Group,, The London Sunday Times, and Fiction Vortex, as well as on many bathroom walls across America.

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For those who enjoy such things, Eric Kiefer has garnered New Jersey Press Association Awards for Responsible Journalism, Fresh Approach to Routine Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Education Writing and Business Writing, as well as a New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists Award for Enterprise Reporting. It’s just too bad that they don’t give awards for being …

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The New Zeitgeist: A Tale from the Zombie Apocalypse

THE NEW ZEITGEIST:  A TALE FROM THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Zombies. Survival. Music. Revolution. This is The New Zeitgeist. The New Zeitgeist: A Tale from the Zombie Apocalypse chronicles the origin story of Ray Bukowski, a fictional songwriter who spends the zombie apocalypse trapped inside a New York City recording studio. While it contains its fair …

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THE SOFT EXILE – a novel about suicide, Mongolia and the U.S. Peace Corps

  With the publication of his debut novel, The Soft Exile, writer/musician Eric Kiefer ended a five-year, 12,000 mile exodus. “Word for word, it’s not exactly what happened to me out there,” Kiefer said of Soft Exile. “But it’s about as close as you can get without becoming a confession. It’s a novel for the …

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Spoken Word For The Doomed

It’s spoken word for the doomed. Almost 20 years in the making – with hundreds of partial first drafts scribbled on supermarket receipts and paper bag scraps – Eric Kiefer’s debut spoken word album is culled from barroom epiphanies and madness-fueled suburban vision quests. “Spoken Word For The Doomed” includes original backing music composed by Kiefer and …

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Your Seed For The Moon: A Graphic Novella

“Your Seed For The Moon” is an R-rated retelling of the classic fable of the Man In The Moon. An unabashed love story (albeit a creepy one), the graphic novella follows the crew of a mighty spaceship on their desperate quest to save their oil-fueled world from extinction by stealing a secret power… the heart …

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