Eric Kiefer is an award-winning wordsmith, a modern-day troubadour and a 15-year factotum.

Apparently, the dude has a way with words. His debut novel “The Soft Exile” was named as one of the “Books We Loved in 2012” by the East Bay Express, and his journalism has won commendations that include half a dozen New Jersey Press Association awards and a New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists award.

He has written for the North Jersey Media Group, Patch.com, The London Sunday Times, Listverse.com and Fiction Vortex, as well as on many bathroom walls across America.

Kiefer is also a unique and entertaining musician who specializes in a one-man-band, singer-songwriter style of performance. He’s appeared at various events, bars and venues such as the Purple Moon Pub in Vermont, the Red Light Café in Atlanta and the 1st Rutherford Anti-War Rally.

Kiefer’s discography includes his funk-folk tinged debut album, “The Spectre and the Dozer,” as well as the full-length zombie concept album, “The New Zeitgeist: Songs From The Zombie Apocalypse” and its accompanying e-book, “The New Zeitgeist: A Tale From The Zombie Apocalypse.”

Kiefer’s additional projects include his poetry/music mashup, “Spoken Word For The Doomed.”

The wordsmith and troubadour is equally as proud of more than a decade of blue-collar work experience, which includes jobs at almost a dozen local gas stations, fast food joints and supermarkets, as well as gigs as a mall Christmas elf, a highway road flagger, a kennel attendant and a pancake-house waiter.

Seed For Moon Cover

NOW AVAILABLE: “Your Seed For The Moon: A Graphic Novella”

“Your Seed For The Moon” is an R-rated retelling of the classic fable of the Man In The Moon. An unabashed love story (albeit a creepy one), the graphic novella follows the crew of a mighty spaceship on their desperate quest to save their oil-fueled world from extinction by stealing a secret power… the heart …

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Soft Exile Author Version Book Cover - low quality

E-BOOK RE-RELEASE: Author’s Edition of “The Soft Exile,” a novel about suicide, Mongolia and the U.S. Peace Corps!

Now available… the Author’s Edition of “The Soft Exile,” a novel about suicide, Mongolia and the U.S. Peace Corps! Eric Kiefer’s reformatted e-book edition includes bonus photos and an alternate cover based on a painting by Kenji Katakura. Proceeds directly benefit the author and his bartender. Get it at all major digital bookstores and at …

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FREE Downloads Until 2016: Spoken Word For The Doomed

It’s here! My debut poetry/music amalgam, “Spoken Word For The Doomed,” is now available for download at major digital distributors such as iTunes and Amazon. To launch the new album, I’m making it FREE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR (Dec. 31, 2015) though Bandcamp only.   Click here to download the album for free …

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Spoken Word Album Cover InDesign

LISTEN: Enjoy A Free Track From “Spoken Word From The Doomed”

Greetings from the wastelands, my friends! It’s always been a dream of mine to release a spoken word album. So now it’s my pleasure to announce that after two decades of writing poetry – 20 years of scribbling on supermarket receipts and paper bag scraps – with the help of some friends, I’ve finally managed …

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Free WZDay social media post

Free Copies of The New Zeitgeist for World Zombie Day 2013!

Zombie ‘Concept Album’ and E-book: Free Copies for World Zombie Day 2013 The New Zeitgeist, a new multi-media zombie concept series, will be available for free digital download as part of World Zombie Day 2013. Fans of the undead will be able to download the album and e-book for FREE in multiple formats on Oct. …

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“The New Zeitgeist” review in Zombie Guide Magazine

“Trapped for 180 days in a New York recording studio with nothing to do but stay alive. What do you do to pass the time? How about record an awesome rock album?” – Zombie Guide Magazine about THE NEW ZEITGEIST . CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW AT ZOMBIE GUIDE MAGAZINE . CLICK HERE …

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The New Zeitgeist is here… A Multi-Media Zombie Concept Album and E-Book

. With THE NEW ZEITGEIST, author/musician Eric Kiefer hopes that he’ll provide his fellow horror fans with something they’ve never seen before… the first “multi-media” zombie concept album. “It’s a rock opera and a pulp fiction novella for all of the deadheads out there,” said Kiefer. “As far as I know, nothing like this has …

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THE SOFT EXILE and Life in the Peace Corps, an Interview with The South Bergenite

“Seeking redemption and a journey in consciousness with the Peace Corps” Thursday, February 21, 2013 BY KELLY NICHOLAIDES STAFF WRITER The South Bergenite A few years out of college and “on the losing end of the American Dream,” Eric Kiefer joined the Peace Corps in 2006. His journey was one of redemption and consciousness. Kiefer …

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THE SOFT EXILE Praised By The East Bay Express

THE SOFT EXILE was recently named as one of “The Books We Loved in 2012” in the East Bay Express’ 2012 Holiday Guide. Called “part adventure, part survival tale, and absolutely impossible to put down till you reach the end”, The Express says that in the novel, “Kiefer swears like a sailor and will drink anything …

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soft exile alternate cover

Book Review and Interview with Peace Corps Worldwide

Eric Kiefer and his novel, THE SOFT EXILE, were recently featured at Peace Corps Worldwide… Click the below links to check ’em out! READ THE BOOK REVIEW, HERE!    http://peacecorpsworldwide.org/pc-writers/2012/09/19/review-of-eric/ READ THE AUTHOR INTERVIEW, HERE!    http://peacecorpsworldwide.org/pc-writers/2012/09/19/talking-eric/   THE SOFT EXILE – Alternate Cover Sketch (by Eui Riang Jin)

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Eric Kiefer Interviewed on William Paterson University’s “Brave New Radio”

On August 18, Eric Kiefer appeared on The Reading Circle with Marc Medley, to speak about his new novel, THE SOFT EXILE (88.7 FM, Brave New Radio, William Paterson University). Listen to some clips here!            

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“THE SOFT EXILE” Now Available Online and in Bookstores!!!

THE SOFT EXILE, By Eric Kiefer… A Novel About Suicide, Mongolia and the U.S. Peace Corps   Based largely on the author’s experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the deserts of Mongolia, The Soft Exile is the fictionalized story of a desperate race to become one of the “Good People”… or die in the attempt. Joining …

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The Jupiter Experiment – a multi-media, music & art collaboration

A sample video from WWW.THEJUPITEREXPERIMENT.WEBS.COM WHAT IS THE JUPITER EXPERIMENT?        The Jupiter Experiment is a collaborative effort from five different artists, representing three different mediums. In the name of art, these intrepid warriors of the muse attempt to define four, basic emotional concepts – Innocence, Despair, Gluttony and Delirium – in their own …

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New Videos Up… Live Looping, Spoken Word, and “SOFT EXILE” PREVIEW VIDEO!

        FOR MORE VIDEOS, CHECK OUT THE ERIC KIEFER YouTube.com CHANNEL AT: http://www.youtube.com/user/erickiefer/videos

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Spectre and Dozer Cover


NOW AVAILABLE AT WWW.CDBABY.COM, “SPECTRE AND THE DOZER”, CD AND DOWNLOAD! ON SALE FOR THE INCREDIBLE DOWNLOAD PRICE OF $1.99 FOR THE FULL ALBUM! CDS JUST $4.99! GET YOURS TODAY! Eric Kiefer’s debut album, “The Spectre and the Dozer”, presents listeners with a masterful blend of raw musical talent and troubador-poet visions. The album includes …

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HOW TO PUBLISH AND PUBLICIZE YOUR PEACE CORPS NOVEL: RESOURCES FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS By Eric Kiefer I’ll always remember the day my book, THE SOFT EXILE – A NOVEL ABOUT SUCIDE, MONGOLIA AND THE U.S. PEACE CORPS, was released to the world. Counting the time it took to gather the source material and repay my …

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